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We’ve Simplified Campervan Rental Insurance in NZ

It can be tricky to get your head around campervan rental insurance, but Escape makes it simple with our 3 insurance options:

Our Campervan Hire Insurance Options:

Option A

“Roll the Dice Bro!”

Option B

Middle Ground Earth

Option C

“No Worries Mate”

  • No reduction in liability.
  • You will be responsible for costs to a maximum of $3,000 / $4,000 (as per below) unless insurance is voided.*

Reduces your maximum liability to $1,500 (as per below) unless insurance is voided.*

  • Reduces your maximum liability to NIL (as per below) unless insurance is voided.*
  • Covers any windscreen damage & flat tyres too!
  • Covers you when driving on unsealed/gravel roads. MANY OTHER PROVIDERS DON’T!


  • Unless vehicle damaged in Single Vehicle Incident.
  • Single Vehicle Incident Liability is $4,000.


  • Unless vehicle damaged in Single Vehicle Incident.
  • Single Vehicle Incident Liability is $2,500.

NIL ($0)


  • ‘Frozen’ on credit card and processed in the event of any incident.
  • Fine additional.


  • ‘Frozen’ on credit card and processed in the event of any incident.
  • Fine additional.
  • No Bond Required.
  • Credit card info held on file for fines/fees incurred (limited time).

Campervan Insurance Cheatsheet:

Key Features of Each Option:


Option A: “Roll the Dice Bro!”

  • Highest potential out-of-pocket cost.
  • Lowest daily rate.
  • $3,000 bond required

Option B: Middle Ground

  • Moderate liability and daily rate.
  • $1,500 bond required

Option C: “No Worries Mate”

  • No liability.
  • Highest daily rate.
  • No bond required.
  • Covers windscreen damage, flat tyres, and driving on unsealed/gravel roads.

Key Features of Each Option:


Standard liability: The maximum amount you pay for damages in most incidents


Single vehicle incident: Specific liability if only your camper is involved in the incident


Bond: The amount held on your credit card during the rental period – you get this back if you return the campervan undamaged.


Daily cost: The extra daily charge for the insurance option.


Max bond cap: The maximum amount you need to pay for the bond over the rental period.

Brendan Walks Through Our Insurance Options:

A Quick Chat about Insurance.

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Escape Rentals Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will form part of your rental agreement with Escape Rentals. Our rental agreement has been developed in consultation with the Rental Vehicle Association of New Zealand, which means it is pretty industry-standard, protecting the hirer via the New Zealand consumer guarantee act. It also sets out any exclusions and the hirer’s obligations and potential liability. You may want to check our booking cancellation policy also.

Remember, if you’re unsure about anything or you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line before you arrive or let us talk you through it when you collect your vehicle.

Answering Your Questions About Campervan Insurance in NZ:

What’s a bond and when do I need to pay it?

A bond is a security deposit that we hold on your credit card when you pick up your camper. These are the bond requirements for our three campervan hire insurance options:

  • Option A: $3,000 bond required.
  • Option B: $1,500 bond required.
  • Option C: No bond needed.


What should I keep in mind when renting a campervan in NZ?

  • If the van gets dinged, you’re responsible, no matter who’s at fault, unless you’ve gone for the nil liability upgrade
  • You’ll be driving an unfamiliar vehicle in potentially tricky conditions
  • Insurance excess waivers usually cover the first incident only
  • Repair and third-party costs are high in New Zealand
  • Full insurance means you don’t have to fork out a $3,000 bond
  • Drive sensibly – insurance is void if you’re driving outside the agreed terms (like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Full insurance gives you peace of mind for the vehicle but doesn’t cover your stuff – always have travel insurance.


What makes Escape Rentals’ insurance special?

We’re one of the few NZ campervan hire companies offering insurance coverage on unsealed roads.


Do I need additional travel insurance?

Yep, you should definitely get travel insurance for your personal belongings and other travel-related incidents. Our vehicle insurance only covers the van.


Is the liability reduction option worth it?

It depends on your comfort level with risk. If you’re worried about potential costs from an incident, the liability reduction option can give you peace of mind and protect your wallet.


How can insurance get voided?

Insurance is void if you drive the van in ways that break the rental agreement, like driving under the influence or taking it on prohibited roads.


What are the most common ways that rental campervans get damaged?

  • Parking and reversing: Most damage happens when parking or reversing. If you’re travelling alone, ask nicely, and a friendly local will help guide you in tight spots.
  • Cornering: Take wider angles when cornering to avoid scraping the panels.
  • Wing mirrors: Fold in the mirrors when parked to keep them safe.
  • Overhead damage: Watch out for low branches and structures—know the height of your campervan.
  • Single vehicle rollovers: High winds can be risky. If it’s too windy, pull over and wait it out.
  • Fuel and water tank contamination: Double-check before refuelling to avoid costly mistakes.