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What are Self Contained Campervans?

There is nothing like the freedom of a road trip, no better way to road trip than in a campervan, and no better place to do it than New Zealand!

Self-Contained campervans have to go through a legal certification process requiring a multitude of additional features, including a portable or fixed toilet, a sink, a grey-water holding tank – and more.  All of these requirements mean that you will have a more comfortable and more flexible trip (there are heaps of public toilets available in New Zealand, but if you do find yourself ‘short’, you have your own toilet available at your disposal- No Worries!)

With a self-contained campervan, you can happily travel pretty much wherever you like (and are legally allowed, as per your rental agreement) but Escape Rentals recommends using one of the hundreds of great-value campgrounds throughout New Zealand.

Escape Rentals self contained campervans bridge the gap between expensive ‘motorhomes’ and your basic van or other vehicles that, yes can get you around, and yes, may have some cookers and other facilities… BUT do not give you the ultimate freedom of camping self-contained.

All Escape Rentals campers are compact and economical, but our self-contained campers have also been designed and certified to meet the stringent NZS: 5465 self-contained standard, with a toilet on board and appropriate grey water holding tanks + more!

Our Self Contained Campers are also among the Newest In Our Fleet, BONUS!

So, enjoy your trip to the fullest, and experience the freedom of camping and road tripping throughout New Zealand in a responsible self-contained campervan.

Certified Self contained campervans


Nissan Caravan (seats and sleeps up to 2 adults)


2007-2014 (with interior fit out from 2014-2018)


100,000kms to approx. 280,000kms+


2.0 litre petrol engine in Automatic or Manual

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camping responsibly

Camp Responsibly

OK, now, we have to get a little bit serious here – our beautiful New Zealand countryside, the same countryside you have saved up your hard earned cash to come and enjoy… is sadly being despoiled by some irresponsible campers – whether they be in self-contained or standard campervans – so here is a little bit about that:

Whilst a certified self-contained campervan may provide you with more camping options, we DO NOT encourage or recommend ‘freedom camping’ anywhere in New Zealand (‘Freedom Camping’ is where you simply pull up where you want and camp for the night).

Unfortunately, a handful of people have ruined it for the rest of us by disrespecting the environment and our local communities by using our beaches and bushes as toilets or leaving waste behind.

Not cool. Don’t do it.

Besides, why risk a NZ$200+ fine to save a few bucks when there are so many other free and/or cheap options?

We need all of our campervan customers to respect and protect the environment, particularly when choosing where to camp.

There are over 6,000 camping sites throughout New Zealand and many are free or cost very little. We recommend the 300 plus campsites operated by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC).

These are free or low-cost sites ($8-$10 a night) and you’ll receive a guide to these within your campervan. We also have DOC Campground passes available to purchase.

To help you plan where you should camp, download one of the apps below which will provide you with information featuring thousands of campsites (live availability), key attractions and popular activities.

Okay, so, basically be cool and enjoy New Zealand! Leave it awesome for the next intrepid travellers… not to mention us Kiwi’s, the lovely hospitable people that live here and are sharing our land with you.

Respect Yourself. Respect Us. Respect the Land.

campermate app

Campermate App

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respect nz app

Respect NZ app

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One of the best things about travelling in a campervan throughout New Zealand is the freedom you have to explore this amazing country of ours. But with that freedom, comes responsibility. We need all of our Escape campervan hirers to respect and protect the environment, particularly when choosing where to camp.

So choose a self-contained camper for more camping options, but make sure you travel responsibly.