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Escape Rentals Key Documents

Escape Rentals is all about transparency and ‘sharing the knowledge’ so we have a number of PDF documents available which you may choose to access before, during or after your hire with us.  These documents are as follows:

Important Stuff 

This document summarises some of the key elements of your campervan rental. You are required to read this prior to your departure from our depot.

Terms and Conditions

The fine print. This document forms a critical part of your rental agreement with us, detailing insurance liabilities, driver responsibilities, exclusions and more.

Drivesafe Declaration

Escape is a member of the Drivesafe Forum, a committee aimed at improving driver safety for our international (and local) drivers. You must read and sign this document prior to departure (and complete the requirements featured within the declaration)

Credit Card Authorisation Document (third party)

Some hirers arrive wanting to use a credit card which is not their own. We wouldn’t recommend it, but some hirers have parents who are OK with it. For us to transact with a card like that, we need written consent from the cardholder. This is the document which will need to be completed and sent back to us in that instance.


All of our campervans carry a form which needs to be completed in the event of an accident (so that we capture the information required by our insurance company). This is that same document, available here online in case the form in the van is missing.