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Thinking of road trippin’ through New Zealand? There’s no better way to experience the scenic roads that New Zealand has on offer than in a campervan. Campervans are the perfect way to get the whole family or another group together for a holiday, without the need for expensive accommodation. You know what else a New Zealand road trip needs? Some driving games! 


Here are the 10 best road trip games to play when hitting the New Zealand roads. 


1. Categories

Get one person in the campervan to pick a category. Anything from sports, to cars, to celebrities. During your road trip, everyone in the caravan takes turns naming as many things as they can in that category until someone runs out of things to name. 

To make it even harder, you can go through the alphabet. The first person names an item starting with ‘A’, and each person has to name something in the category that starts with the next letter in the alphabet.


2. Guess the song

Turn on the radio in your campervan or hit shuffle on your playlists. Everyone in the campervan has to take a guess what song is on and shout it out. Whoever shouts out the correct answer first gets a point. This is a road trip game that can keep you occupied for hours while you enjoy traveling through New Zealand.  Most campervans have a stereo with MP3 front aux port, so this game is perfect for your road trip. 


3. Going on a picnic

When you’re on a road trip across New Zealand, you’ll have plenty of time to test your memory by playing this game. Going on a picnic involves someone saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring ________” and fill in the blank. The next person begins “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring _________ and _________” and say the first person’s item before adding their own item. This keeps going until someone can’t recall all the things said before them, this person will get eliminated. 

If you do want a real picnic table for your road trip, they’re often an extra option when renting your campervan. Some campervan rental companies even offer hot plates and cooking facilities.


4. Don’t say it 

Before you get into your campervan and hit the road, get everyone to think of one word that will be banned for the whole road trip. Whoever says the most amount of banned words during the duration of the road trip faces an agreed upon consequence. Get creative!


5. I spy

If you didn’t play ‘I spy’ did you even go on a road trip? One person starts with the classic phrase “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter S” or “I spy something red”. Everyone else in the campervan tries guessing things they see in the campervan or outside on the road. The person who gets it right gets a point and goes next in getting people to guess what they see. 


6. Would you rather

There’s no better way to pass time on a road trip than playing would you rather. It’s time to come up with the most random scenarios you can come up with and learn more about the rest of the people in your campervan. Things will get interesting and you’ll probably find yourself in some debates about the scenarios. 


7. Hangman

Bring out the paper from before and play a classic game of hangman. One person thinks of something, it can be anything. That person puts an underscore for each letter in the word. The other people in the caravan guess the letters one letter at a time. If the letter guessed is in the mystery word, it’s revealed in the correct place. If not, the process of drawing the hangman begins. If the image is completed before all the correct letters are guessed then the player who came up with the word wins that round. 


8. Scavenger hunt

Before starting your road trip, get together a list of common things you’ll see on the roads of New Zealand. This could be things such as sheep, cows, or a petrol station.  Everyone ticks off as many things that they see on the list. The person to tick off the most things on their list by the end of the road trip wins. 


9. Make rules

This is a road trip game that’ll take the fun to the next level.  Everyone in the campervan gets to make up a rule, it can be as crazy as possible. For example, every time you see sheep you have to moo like a cow, or every time you see an exit sign everyone has to shout “EXIT”.  You can keep adding rules throughout your road trip. While you’re making these rules also remember to follow the New Zealand road rules.


10. Hot seat (truth or dare)

This is the perfect road trip game if you’re in a campervan with your friends. Everyone has a turn being in the ‘hot seat’. If you’re in the hot seat, everyone else gets to ask you at least one question. You must answer all questions, if you don’t you have to do a dare.

If you’re ready to hit the road on the ultimate New Zealand road trip make sure to read up on the do’s and don’ts of a New Zealand road trip.

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