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New Zealand’s rules around self-contained vehicles have changed, with vehicles needing to comply with new regulations by 7th December 2024.

After taking the time to figure out where we stand, we’re relieved to share with you that 75% of Escape Rentals campervans will comply with the self-contained rules in NZ.

We want to share how these new regulations affect hiring a campervan, so you can make informed decisions and look forward to your adventure!

What We Know About The New Self-Contained Regulations For Vehicles in NZ

The main change to the self-contained regulations affects the toilet in your vehicle.

Until now, vehicles have been able to comply as “self-contained” if they have a portable toilet for passengers to use and empty at designated sites.

The new legislation requires self-contained vehicles to have a plumbed-in or fixed toilet.

Access to freedom campsites will likely be for self-contained vehicles only. However, it’s ultimately down to the local council to decide if they’re happy to cater to non-compliant vehicles with just the portable toilet.

Of course, you can still enjoy New Zealand in a non-self-contained vehicle, it just means you’re restricted to only staying at paid campsites.

How The New Self-Contained Laws Affect Travellers Hiring A Campervan

As rental companies ensure their fleets comply with the new regulations, the cost of modifying and purchasing new vehicles will likely be reflected in higher rates for campervan rentals.
At Escape Rentals, we’re committed to providing robust, affordable options to travellers on a budget.

Here’s what we’ll be offering to comply with the new regulations:

  • Self-contained campervans that comply with the new regulations, through alterations to our existing fleet and new vehicles.
  • Basic vehicles for travellers on a budget that provide everything you need to stay in designated DOC campsites.

As always, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you’re prepared for your adventure in New Zealand, including education about the road rules, freedom camping laws – and the best surf spots!

Stay Tuned For Further Updates On Our Self-Contained Fleet

We’re still developing our new range and pricing for next Summer, but feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll do everything we can to help you.