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OK, we reckon our Rental campervans are pretty ‘sweet’, but what are they like to drive, to live in and sleep in?
What facilities do they have and how reliable are they? 
We know a great New Zealand holiday experience requires much more than a cool paint job. 
That’s why we’re so proud of our fleet.

   Escape operates the most modern and reliable of any budget fleet in New Zealand.
  • Most of our vans are 4-9 years old, with the van fit-out less than four years. They have been well maintained and regularly serviced.
  • We operate Toyota Hiace and Nissan Caravan vans. These vehicles are rugged and dependable, ideal for New Zealand driving conditions.
  • The engines are 2.0L or 2.4L. Plenty of ‘grunt’ for touring New Zealand, but they are pretty economical also. They all run on unleaded petrol. Click here for information on fuel.
    The price of fuel is constantly changing, but as at April 2011, it was about NZ$2.15 per litre for 91 unleaded petrol (all of our vehicles use 91 unleaded petrol). Feel free when enquiring to ask the current price if you are working out a fuel budget.
  • All vehicles have power steering – Easy!
  • We have a mix of both manual and automatic transmissions. You can state your preference when you book and we’ll do our best to get it sorted.  Alternatively, you can pay a transmission guarantee fee
    We have both manual and automatic transmission campervans on our fleet. If you have a preference, make a note of it when you book online or let us know and we will do our best to allocate your preference. If you would like to guarantee receiving a particular transmission campervan for your trip, there is a $10 per day option to do this when you book. We only collect a maximum of $200 for your entire rental in respect to either guarantee.
    , a nominal cost which guarantees your choice of transmission.
   How reliable are these campervans?
  • Very reliable! All of our vehicles carry a valid certificate of fitness and have been regularly serviced.
  • We have a rigorous maintenance programme and each vehicle is thoroughly checked by several of our staff prior to departure.  And all vehicles are endorsed by Qualmark.
  • If you do encounter any issues with your campervan whilst you’re travelling, you can contact our
    24 hour roadside assistance crew and they’ll get you moving again.
    Accidents sometimes happen.
    And occasionally, campervans breakdown (despite our comprehensive maintenance programme). But you can still travel with peace of mind, knowing that Escape Campervans offer 24 hour roadside assistance. No matter where you are in New Zealand, our network of experienced mechanics can be with you within the hour.
    Simply call the Free Phone number
    0508 NZROAD (697623)
  • That said, most ‘issues’ actually relate to our hirers locking their keys in the camper!
   Campervan layout.

Rental Campervans New Zealand
day time
night time

  What about the facilities within the camper?

Our campervans feature the following:
  • A full queen size bed (sleeps up to three adults) with clean bedding (sheets, pillows and duvets).
  • A quality stereo (very important!). 97% of our fleet have stereos which are MP3 compatible
  • Gas Cooker
  • Sink with running water
  • Chilli bin (Eski, cooler, ice box…whatever you want to call it)
  • Crockery and cutlery.
  • Foldaway inside table and three outdoor beach chairs.
  • A heater, lamp and electricity connection for powered camping sites.
  • Heaps of storage room (300 litres plus)
  • For a more detailed equipment list click here

  What about self-contained campervans?

Yes! New for 2014/15, Escape is pleased to announce that we have a limited number of self-contained campervans available for hire. These vans are certified self-contained which means they feature a chemical toilet and additional water storage tanks. They are the same layout as all of our other Escape Campervans, but they are also amongst the newest of our fleet. Self –contained campervans are available from 01 October for an additional $10 per day, subject to availability. To take advantage of the self-contained option, simply ‘tick’ the self-contained option within the accessories page of your booking request (or drop us an email or give us a call to arrange).
In New Zealand, self-contained campervans are able to park at additional campgrounds if they are certified as such (which ours are) but remember….there’s over 6,000 campgrounds throughout New Zealand, so whatever option you choose, you’ll have plenty of campground facilities available to use. And as always, we urge you to use them. Escape does not recommend freedom camping when there are so many great camping spots out there.

Campervan bed setup   inside a Campervan

We also have a number of optional accessories to make your campervan trip more enjoyable.
Click here
to check these out.

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